Issues that resonate with you the people have dominated the show this week. For example, should an out of control five year old be handcuffed at school? Do you want sexual predators watched with a Martha Stewart-style bracelet? And, why are young girls taking steroids? Three issues we surrounded in Wednesday's show over the last three hours.

In terms of national news, it is becoming so clear we need the best minds in our country working feverishly on alternate forms of energy. This way we won't have to see any American president holding hands with any Saudi prince in the future. Thomas Friedman (search) of The New York Times called for a Manhattan Project-style conclave and I am all for it. He says President Bush should set the pace by making his entourage use hybrid cars and maybe the Michael Jackson convoy will follow! Hey, that book Friedman wrote — "The World Is Flat" — is just great. OK, I didn't read every word. But the concept of the world's college seniors in competition for the same jobs in every country is new and somewhat challenging.

Now, for the somewhat different personal stuff that makes "FOX & Friends" so special. E.D. let the world know I have a thick, messy wallet and none other then Bob Sellers snatched my "man purse" from my desk and brought it down 17 floors to the studio. That's teamwork! I found out Michael Waltrip of racecar fame would be solid gray if it wasn't for Just for Men hair color and was pushing me to rid my strands of gray from my current hairpiece.

Did you see the smoking South African Ape? Yes, he smokes and now a company has sent him free nicotine gum so the gorilla does not have quit cold monkey.

Legendary PBS Anchor Jim Lehrer flashed his somewhat elusive smile and personality as he spoke about the nightly news anchor rotation and his new novel on Ben Franklin — although we all got free books, Steve was unable to score a tote bag. I learned that Mr. Lehrer should have been in my book! His dream as a kid was to play pro baseball, but never learned to hit a curve. So he became a Hall of Fame newsman as a fallback. If you want a signed copy of "The Games Do Count" go to www.briankilmeade.com.

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Thanks again for keeping us No. 1 and always know we never take your loyalty for granted.


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