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How great was it to be in a Corvette with NASCAR Nextel Champ Jimmie Johnson? That's what happened in the final half hour of the Tuesday edition of the show as he brought his trophy and his 'Vette for a talk and a spin.

The producers had a cop follow the car and out its lights, and let me tell you Johnson turned white because he thought that leaving rubber at 48th St. was going to get him a ticket. It didn't — the cops were just having fun and announced on the PA as much right after the siren. He's a great guy and good friends with Monday's guest Tony Stewart.

Ok, now to Tiki Tuesday — we worked in the Giant collapse amongst the Pope landing in Turkey and the president in Latvia in 'Fox and Friends' first. Kiran was her normal bubbly self and it was so clear she thinks Tiki is cooler then me (she denies it). Tiki by the way has not given up on the season by a long shot but was still very sore from Sunday's fiasco verse the Titans.

As far as world affairs goes, the top story remains Iraq and I think this is the biggest week yet since the statue fell in Baghdad. President Bush meets with al-Maliki for two days and lets hope they walk out with a workable plan. You too? Why is NBC calling Iraq a 'civil war' news? Are they hoping or concluding??

Bocelli was great to close the show, which was no surprise. Wish I knew more Italian. Coming up this week Tiger Woods and The Brian Setzer Orchestra and many more.

Want to help the soliders? Here's a way thanks to my family friend Phyllis at Avon:

For $10.75 the 5-piece gift set (deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, hand cream & shower gel) gets sent to the USO & included in the bag with other donations. So for each donation made, one gift set will be sent to the troops. In addition, $4.00 of your $10.75 will be given to the USO to provide emergency relief programs, family assistance activities, entertainment tours & more. Any one interested can go to my Web site at: www.youravon.com/plibrandi. They can also call me toll free at: 866-850-1834.

Thanks so much for keeping us number one in the morning.


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