At least one person in Britain isn't happy movie star Gwyneth Paltrow (search) and her rock-star husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin (search), decided to name their newborn daughter "Apple."

Peaches Geldof (search), daughter of a rock star herself, lamented the practice of goofy celebrity-offspring names in the Daily Telegraph of London Wednesday.

"I am named, as you may have noticed, after a fruit," wrote the 14-year-old daughter of Boomtown Rats singer Bob "Live Aid" Geldof (search). "I'm not Jane or Sarah or Samantha: I am Peaches. This doesn't make sense to me at all."

Young Geldof said Apple Martin has a lot of teasing to look forward to thanks to her name, and she has plenty of first-hand experience.

"I've never announced my name to anyone without being asked to repeat it at least twice," she wrote. "I also get a lot of lascivious comments: 'Ooh, you're a juicy piece of fruit, aren't you, young lady?' 'I'd like to take a bite out of that peach ...' 'Look at those peaches.'"

While Geldof says life hasn't always been "peaches and cream" for her, she does see an upside to an untraditional moniker, according to the Daily Telegraph. "It's unusual, it's exotic, it's not boring. It also gives me [or so I like to think] an air of mystery."

And she lists some other unusual children-of-celebrity names that make her feel Peaches isn't the worst thing one could be branded, such as David Bowie's son Zowie and Prince Jackson, son of the Gloved One.

Her own sisters make the list: Fifi Trixibelle, Little Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily. And despite the teasing she's endured, Geldof writes that she plans to continue the tradition when she has kids.

"I'll probably end up calling it Grape."

Robbers Give New Meaning to 'Stupid Criminals'

A knife-wielding stick-up artist made shopkeepers laugh when he tried to rob them wearing a plastic bag with eyeholes on his head and shopping bags on his feet, according to the Daily Telegraph of London.

"Bugger off, you look silly," one gas station cashier told the poorly masked perpetrator Simon Kent, 24.

Another shop worker just said no when he demanded cash. When he returned to a village store he had robbed of £350 a few weeks earlier, he fled when his plastic bag mask blew off.

He also failed a liquor store robbery when the cashier locked herself in a cupboard and he could not make her come out. Two assistants in a self-service store ran away and he could not open the till.

The getaway driver, Michael White, 29, used his own car and witnesses wrote down the license plate number, according to Lewes Crown Court.

Other than the £350 robbery in East Sussex, only one of their other raids in Kent and Sussex was successful. Their haul was £5 and two packets of cigarettes.

The men admitted two counts of robbery and five of attempted robbery. Both were jailed for five years.

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Taxi! Bank Robber Calls a Cab for Getaway

WEST PATERSON, NJ (AP) — An accused New Jersey bank robber needed some help with his getaway - so he asked a bank employee to call him a cab.

Police say Ernest Di Falco was busted about a-half hour after the Bank of New York branch in Rutherford was robbed. According to investigators, a bank worker wrote down the taxi's license number.

Even though he wore a disguise, police say another bank employee recognized Di Falco and remembered he worked in a nearby pizzeria.

Officers say they've recovered the cash, a fake gun, as well as an old .22-caliber revolver.

Di Falco is now charged with armed bank robbery.

Student Manure Prank Backfires

EMINENCE, IN (AP) — It's a senior prank that stinks.

Officials at Indiana's Eminence High School say someone spread hundreds of pounds of manure around the school and smeared some on the doors.

It took several trips with a front-end loader to remove the smelly stuff from school property. Superintendent Norman Stockton says it's an act of vandalism.

He promises the students responsible will be prosecuted if caught. He figures no more than a-half dozen students were involved. But the incident caused school officials to cancel a senior class trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Senior class president Kyle Malott says all the seniors shouldn't be punished. He says rather than canceling the trip, the pranksters should have been forced to clean up the mess.

Sports Criminals' Promotion Axed

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- After fans complained, the River City Rascals canceled a "Sports Criminals Night" promotion that would have turned the stadium into a giant prison, with a fan thrown into a "dugout jail" each inning.

The June 2 promotion, announced Sunday, was intended "to humorously poke fun at how the media sensationalizes athletes who end up involved in the justice system," officials of the minor league team said.

But the Rascals, of the independent Frontier League, said Monday they would offer a different promotion at their ballpark in suburban O'Fallon.

"Our intent wasn't to honor or celebrate any criminal acts that were committed or alleged by a professional athlete, and was actually an attempt to identify how the media has changed in recent years as a result of these incidents," Phil Giubileo, the Rascals' broadcasting director, said in a statement.

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