Strawberries and coconut, both flavors have a recognizable place in the world of candy, popsicles, and frozen drinks. Now, cocaine can be added to the list of fruity-flavored products.

According to The Sacramento Bee, narcotics agents in Yolo County, Calif. arrested six people after confiscating three pounds of strawberry and coconut-flavored cocaine.

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Roy Giorgi, commander of the Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team, told the Bee even though cocaine is snorted through the nostrils, it can still be tasted. "They said regular cocaine gives a medicine taste in the back of the throat when snorted," Giorgi said. "With the flavored, you get a strawberry taste."

Drug enforcement agents see this as a marketing tool to lure younger customers. In May, police officers in Arkansas found methamphetamine mixed with a strawberry-flavored powder, and sold under the same name "Strawberry Quick."

Another marketing strategy is to lace candy with flavors such as marijuana, as one California man did. He sold the product under names like Stoney Rancher, Rasta Reese's and Keef Kat. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Hershey Co. sued the man in May for trademark infringement while he serves a jail sentence for making the drug-flavored candies.