Frontlines Firsthand: Sergeant Rob Dawson

Age: 24
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
High school: Tottenville H.S., Staten Island
Rank: Sergeant
Joined the Marines: July 17th, 2001
Deployments: March, 2003 — Operation Iraqi Freedom; 2004 — Operation Vigilant Resolve, Fallujah, Iraq

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• My mentors:
My Mom, Charlene M. Dawson, and my Dad, Robert J. Dawson. Their love and support it is what helps me get through rough obstacles.

• Thoughts on the deployment:
Take care of my Marines and the Afghan nationals to build a democratic country and for them to live in peace... I believe we will accomplish our mission!

• What I'm looking forward to:
Taking my Marines against the terrorists and letting them know that they will not be successful against the U.S. Marines.

• What I'm dreading:
The long hours away from home and my family. But I know in due time that no matter how long I'm away, I'm providing the security of my country and the citizens of the United States against terrorism!

• How much the does your gear weigh?
The gear that me and my fellow Marines will carry can vary from 55 to 65 pounds!