From WikiLeaks to Rangel

If Christmas shopping and winter weather weren't enough to keep you on your toes, then surely this past week's news headlines must have kept you more awake than a double espresso at Starbucks.

National security and our diplomatic relations with pretty much everybody was put at risk due the recklessly irresponsible release of sensitive and highly classified top secret diplomatic documents by the crackpot alleged sex offender Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website, which ought to be called WackiLeaks. But the real culprit is the traitor inside the United States, reportedly a member of the military, who obtained and gave the information to Assange.

Charlie Rangel, who forgot about hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and the taxes to go with it, along with shady use of rent-controlled residential property for his office space, was officially censured by having to stand in the well of the House and listen to Nancy Pelosi reprimand him for 5 minutes. Had that been you or me failing to pay our taxes that long, we'd be given the Wesley Snipes treatment and hauled off to prison. But then, I'm not sure which is worse-prison or listening to Nancy Pelosi talk for 5 minutes.

Unemployment figures released this week shot up to 9.8 percent, stunning the economists who were caught off-guard. The real shock is that economists are shocked that businesses can't afford to hire people with uncertainty over tax rates, regulatory costs and the kick in the head health care costs brought on by Obamacare. Memo to economists: Get your head out of the part of your body that TSA officers are touching and understand that those bad boys called "businesses" create jobs. And when the government confiscates their money to spend stimulating something, mostly their political fortunes, it's trouble.

Congress is in a lame-duck session, but instead of acting like lame ducks, they are acting more like chickens with their heads cut off. Can you imagine firing someone for incompetence and then letting them run your company for another two months? Maybe it's time to end the lame-duck sessions, send Congress members home immediately after they lose their election and turn lame ducks into dead ducks.

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