The debate has begun in Washington over what the government can do to improve the economy.  And of course the issue of Class Warfare has already been raised.

There are liberals who actually believe that America can only be a just society if we take from the rich and successful, simply because they have more.  And believe it or not, there are conservatives who want to hide in the shadows and not engage in this fight because of politics and polls.

They all need to face the fact that America has never been great because we punished hard work, creativity, ingenuity and thrift.  In fact, America’s economic system works best when government is limited, limits its social engineering, and hard working people have incentives to get ahead.

My mom and dad taught me the values of the heartland.  That is: get a good education, work hard, show respect, and dream big dreams.  They never told me that this formula would result in people wanting to punish me for my efforts.

No one of conscience would ever neglect the problems of the less fortunate.  But Abraham Lincoln had it right.  “You can never build a man up by tearing another man down.”

So politicians need to remember the heartland formula.  Cut taxes for those who pay taxes and are giving their income to the government at all levels.  Reward investment and risk taking.  And reject soundly the insidious and ugly arguments of Class Warfare.

If we all remember the formula, the best days for American families lie ahead.

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