Think of it as a Last Supper, only it's lunch: 12 nervous men gather with a guy trying to reassure them. But they have their doubts — and frankly, it seems he does too.

One of them turned on that dinner host; too early to say who turns on the lunch host.

After all, the lunch host saved quite a few of them. Then again, that dinner host wound up saving all of them.

But those disciple guys didn't see it back then; safe to say none of these dollar guys see it now.

They've all been bailed out; back 2,000 years ago in a very different room, those other guys were just trying to figure it out.

"Their" dinner host could have lectured them but didn't; this lunch host always has been lecturing them and I'm sure did again on Friday.

That first host inspired by making his guests think; this host intimidated by making his guests squirm.

One did it with words; the other, a warning.

One with prayer; the other suggesting, without him, they didn't have a prayer.

It's safe to say both groups were in awe of their host: one for his example; the other for constantly making "them" the example.

Still, that dinner host needed those disciples, to get the word out; Friday's lunch host needed those dollar disciples to get a different word out.

One group of 12 to uplift the world; the other group of 12, to financially save it.

The Last Supper led to something good; not sure about this lunch.

But I'm praying.

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