From Champ to Chump

I don't know about brilliant, but you clearly don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out Mike Tyson (search) was headed for financial trouble.

Not because Mike Tyson's a bad guy. I think he got into trouble because he was a good guy.

That's right, Iron Mike, ex-champ, ex-convict was and is a good guy. A guy who did a lot of awful things, but still did a lot of good things, generous things. Things that endeared him, but ultimately cost him.

There's the story of how he bought brand new Mercedes for his entire posse -- an impressive group of hangers-on and sycophants if ever there was one. He'd buy women $176,000 necklaces. Handlers got homes. Girlfriends got villas. Ex-wives got estates and still others got cash, lots of it.

Whatever they needed, Iron Mike gave it, probably because he figured he had lots of it. And now he has lost it -- all of it.

And just where's the posse now? Where are his friends? Where are his handlers? Where are the people who stood by him when he had it all? Will they even talk to him now that he's lost it all? Some will but most won't. It's human nature to take advantage of a guy whose heart is bigger than his wallet. Who'd do anything for a friend, if he could just find a friend.

Mike Tyson's no saint, but he’s no Satan either.

He gave. They took.

He's broke. And now, they're gone.

It's not the first time a champ has felt like a chump and it won't be the last.

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