Sub Division: Some local officials in the town of Olympia, Washington don’t want the U.S. Navy submarine USS Olympia to dock in their city. Many residents don't like that it's nuclear-powered. But is it an insult to the men and women in uniform serving this country?

Safe at Home? The feds are asking for help from the public in locating seven people suspected of being Al Qaeda (search) operatives. We’ll get reaction from Peter Brookes, former CIA operations officer and a senior fellow with The Heritage Foundation, and Richard Falkenrath, former deputy assistant to the president and former deputy Homeland Security adviser.

Abu Ghraib Answers: There are new accusations of abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison. This time they're against the Polish military. We’ll get insight from U.S. Army Brigadier General Karpinski, the general in charge of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison while the abuse was going on.

Custody Battle: If you've ever lived through a custody battle, you should hear what one state is doing when one parent tries to move the kids far away.

Life on the Front: You can't shower for over a month. You drop 20 pounds. You're dehydrated and tired and there are bullets flying over your head? A Fox News cameraman is here to tell his story and show footage you've never seen before.

Weight Game: The Atkins Diet is supposed to help you lose weight and feel better. But one man is suing the diet because he claims Atkins clogged up his arteries!

Missing Links: A desperate search is underway in Oregon for Brooke Wilberger, the 19-year-old college student who's been missing since Monday. We’ll get a live update.

Drive Me Crazy: This Memorial Day weekend, here’s a pop quiz for all of who are planning to hit the road. Your car blows a tire. Do you know what to do?

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