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A bloody morning commute in London as police shoot a man dead in the subway in connection with yesterday's terror attacks. Too aggressive? We'll analyze it with former CIA (search) counterterrorism officer Jeff Beatty and Erick Stakelbeck, an investigative producer for the Christian Broadcast Network (search).

And, police begin conducting random bag searches on the city's subways. Former ACLU (search) executive director Norman Siegel weighs in on the newest security move that has some New York City straphangers steaming mad.

Then, it’s a “Factor” exclusive. A radical British cleric urges his followers to wage jihad. Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad will be here.

Also, did the government violate four Hispanic students' constitutional rights when they were detained and questioned by officials at the Canadian border while on a high school class trip? We'll debate it.

And, we'll have an update on the amazing survival story of Emily and Katie Benton (search), the Knoxville, TN sisters wounded in the first set of London subway bombings while on a sightseeing jaunt to the Tower of London.

Plus, Hillary in 2008? Don't miss the "Great Debate" when Bill takes on New York Congressman Charlie Rangel over comments he made about Sen. Hillary Clinton (search).

These stories and much more including a brand-new edition of Bill's world famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"!

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—The Associated Press contributed to this report.