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As always it's Friday Finals — the big list of winners and losers of the week as chosen by me and Heather and the staff.

First the losers:

You have to hand it to the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. On Thursday he said the Brits had to accept Sharia law — which is law based on the Koran. On Friday his own bishops are calling for his resignation.

Speaking of which, the other big loser is the Saudis. Their Sharia law police locked up an American worker in Saudi Arabia whose offense was sitting at the same table as a male co-worker at Starbucks.

The Portuguese police are huge losers. They said they had better things to do than continue the search for little Madeleine McCann.

And the biggest loser: Joran van der Sloot. When getting stoned, don't confess crimes on tape like letting Natalee Holloway die and dumping her body at sea — somebody might think you're guilty.

Now the big winners:

Dutch journalist Peter de Vries, who got Joran on tape telling what really happened with Natalee Holloway. De Vries did what the cops somehow couldn't manage the last couple years.

You have to make John McCain a winner — no matter what you think of him. It wasn't that long ago that his campaign for the White House was just himself and whoever he could get to stop and listen. Look at him now.

I am going to say that Mitt Romney's a winner too. Yes, he had to bow out of the race, but he did it with his usual class and grace and he quite unselfishly endorsed the guy who had beat him.

And, Britney Spears is back to being a winner. She got out of the psych ward and luckily, the father is in control of her finances so the sharks can't make a run at her fortune. That's good, even if she doesn't like it.

Those are your big winners and losers — our Friday Finals — and that's My Word.

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