French anti-terror police have more than a dozen people in custody Tuesday following raids targeting suspected Islamic militants in the Paris area, Fox News has learned.

The suspects include an imam of the Iqra mosque in a Paris suburb and some of his followers, according to judicial sources in Paris. Weapons were also seized in the raids.

Authorities seized blank documents and plastic laminating materials thought to have been used in the forging of official papers, Fox News has learned. Two pistols also were seized in one detainee's home. However, it's not yet clear if the items were being used for terror activity or criminal activity.

Charges for the detainees can range from illegal arms possession to forgery to conspiracy to commit terrorist acts if there is any link discovered in relation to any terrorist enterprise.

Under French anti-terror laws, the suspects can be questioned for 96 hours without charges.

Fox News' Tom Sancton contributed to this report.