Louis B., a French viewer from Paris (search), weighs in on my weighing in on that global survey that bashes the United States:

“You call us ungrateful. We call you arrogant. Look in the mirror. You're the face of a boob nation."

Hey, Louis, look up the definition of arrogant. It has moved in the dictionary. It's now under "ungrateful."

Do you know what arrogant is, Louis? Arrogant is having the gall to say "we" don't listen to opposing views, when you're not hearing any but your own.

Arrogant is saying we're bullies, when you're the one whose country tried to strong-arm Bulgaria and Latvia out of your precious European club.

Arrogant is acting open, but being sneaky, Louis.

Arrogant is sending your ambassador to arm-twist African United Nations members to vote your way and screw the U.S.

Arrogant is saying you abhor military conflicts, but sending nuclear technology to a despot who had only military intentions.

Arrogant is forgetting people who were with you, Louis, when no one was.

Arrogant is taking our money then stabbing us in the back.

Arrogant is worming your way into a freed Iraq, when you didn't shed one drop of blood to see that freedom.

Arrogant is sneering at a country that suffered and took action, while you debated and did nothing.

Arrogant is clueless and cunning.

Arrogant is saying you love us, when you only want to screw us.

Arrogant is acting like you care when you don't and insisting you're being above board when you are not.

Arrogant is dismissive and deceitful.

And arrogant, Louis, is you.

You're right, we're not popular. But I'll tell you this: At least we're not worms.

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