As a 30-something female, this story caught my eye: A California company that allows women to freeze their eggs (search) for later use.

It was started by a 34-year-old Harvard grad who thought it would be smart to store her eggs now, so that if she doesn't meet the love of her life until much later, she still has a shot at having a healthy baby.

My staff and I are doing some research right now on how workable this is: If you freeze your eggs now, will they still be viable in five years? One doctor says 80 percent of eggs survive the freeze, and resulting pregnancies from thawed eggs are as high as 20 percent.

What do you think of this? Is it a good idea? Remember, these are unfertilized eggs, not embryos, so we're not talking about a human life.

By the way, the cost to freeze eggs at the California company is $13,000, plus $500 a year.

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