This is just reported in the Florida Sun Sentinel:

The Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida is offering what they a so-called "summer special" to teens: A free pelvic exam and free birth control pills (search), when you go in for a $50 health screening. Note: P.P. does not require parental consent for this.

The local P.P. president says it's helping the community because, "every day you hear a story about some young woman who is pregnant or infected with HIV or herpes or some other sexually-transmitted infection and it's heartbreaking.”

Yes — it IS heartbreaking. But what about teaching abstinence?

And here's a news flash: Birth control pills do NOT prevent STDs. Abstinence does.

Another point of view is, these girls are already sexually active, so at least they're getting a checkup and a contraceptive.

Some parents in Florida have reportedly phoned in to P.P., thanking them for offering this "special" to teens; other parents have called because they're outraged.

Where do you stand?

I'm planning on covering this on Monday's “DaySide,” so drop me a line at: dayside@foxnews.com

Happy Friday.


Wednesday, July 7: What Do You Want to Ask Lynne Cheney?

Lynne Cheney (search) has agreed to an exclusive interview with me Thursday on “DaySide,” live from the Vice President's Residence.

I plan to ask her a lot of questions — about politics, John Edwards, how her husband is perceived by voters, nastiness on the campaign trail, the situation in Iraq, etc.  But I also want to include some questions from viewers and Mrs. Cheney has agreed to answer viewer questions — even personal ones.

So let's hear it! My e-mail address, as always, is dayside@foxnews.com

Best to send it before 9 a.m. Thursday.



Tuesday, July 6: Miracle Worker?

Wednesday on “DaySide,” I'm planning to do a segment on Meridia, the diet drug that some seriously overweight folks have said changed their lives.

But there's another side to the story:

Recently a member of the “DaySide” studio audience approached me after the show to discuss this drug, and she said she's part of a class action lawsuit in which numerous people allege Meridia caused them serious side effects — leading to hospitalization and even death.

I'm in the process of investigating this — I'd like to know if any of you have any personal experience with Meridia. If so, please let me know what happened (good, or bad). My e-mail address, as always, is dayside@foxnews.com



P.S. Don't know yet whether we'll be back in Studio D tomorrow for “DaySide.” The fire in our studio over the weekend left a fair amount of damage. However, the FOX News tech crew has been working 'round the clock to get it repaired... and we may be back in business by the end of this week!