Don’t knock it until you try it: sweaty sex.

One of the most intimate forms of loving, it’s far from unsexy. When it comes to excreting buckets of moisture from your skin, wetter can be better. While many would wrinkle their noses at the notion of an antiperspirant meltdown, the action it can inspire captures sexy in its most animalistic form.

Humans get down to their primitive roots by allowing themselves to embrace the splendors of sweaty sex. So don’t let the dog days of summer discourage your desire to “do it.” They can, in fact, make for some of the most erotic moments.

When it comes to new sex partners in particular, impeccable hygiene is of utmost importance as someone gets to know your body and sexual pleasures. Most people are, understandably, self-conscious about perspiring, let alone exuding the scents that come along with that, during sexual intimacy. The thought of sex plus sweat tends to equal “ewwww!”

So who would’ve thought sweaty sex could be sexy and good for you? There are a number of benefits to working up a sweat; provided you both have a clean bill of health and you stay hydrated.

Sweaty sex:

— Means more calories and fat are being burned during a vigorous sex session;

— Allows for more slithery sex as your bodies slide all over one another;

— Makes for a body suctioning effect that enhances feelings of “we’re one” during sex;

— Offers new sensations that appease our need for variety, like salty kisses;

— Puts a twist in your routine as it taps into your inner instinct of raw, uninhibited sex;

— Can have the two of you resembling the wet sleekness of “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit models, with slicked back hair or shiny skin;

— Releases more of our natural scents, particularly those around the groin, which can be an aphrodisiac, even if on a subconscious level.

Embracing sweaty sex and its many benefits work in every couple’s favor to help them realize more action year-round. While most easily attained during the scorching summer months, sweaty sex can be had post-workout. With exercise often sparking sexual arousal, couples can satiate immediate gratification in not letting any feelings of “I need to bathe first” embarrassment get in the way.

You can also submerge your entire bodies under a down comforter for a rainforest effect. Cranking up the heat in your pad on cooler days can unleash even more moisture from your sweat glands, as can making love in front of a fireplace ablaze.

For those feeling less than sexy while sweaty or embarrassed about body odors, take to the shower. Your aim, however, is not to get clean necessarily. You want a nice, hot shower sans your bathroom fan or any draft. You want a steamy room that forces you to break a sweat.

Creating a sweat-inducing scenario gives you power over your issues with sweaty sex, allowing you to enjoy it when it happens. Instead of getting self-conscious, lovers can make the most of being moist. By accepting the way their bodies react to heat, lovers develop greater bodily comfort, whether during red hot sex sessions or in the sultry minutes leading up to a romp.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

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