One of the “perks” of being a sexpert is all the free samples I receive of the “latest” sexual enhancements and products.

Quite honestly, I rarely have the time to truly examine them. But recently, I finally tackled the ever-growing pile of “promote me!” requests, as they were slowly taking over my office. And here’s what I found in the pile…

Sexy Love Sox

Created by massage and wellness expert Michelle Ebbin, these socks guide lovers on where to place their thumbs when practicing sexual reflexology. Cute visuals are printed on the bottom of the socks, complemented by instructions on how to use. For example, it shows you where to massage the foot or anklebones to sexually stimulate a corresponding body part, including the sex organs for better orgasms.

Lovers will be intrigued by the product’s promise to heighten libido and performance.

Although advertised as unisex, some men will beg to differ. The one-size-fits-all may be a bit of a stretch, too. But Ebbin’s background in this ancient Chinese practice is solid, as is her guarantee: “Try them for 30 days and if you haven’t seen the pleasure increase in your love life, then send them back and we will gladly refund your money.”

The Earth Angel

Would you believe the world is finally seeing its first ever wind-up vibrator? The Earth Angel happens to also be the first ever Irish sex toy. For those environmentally conscious, both the product and its packaging are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic. Lovers will also save money, while eliminating waste, because there’s no battery required.

The vibe works via a small integrated handle found on its base. Just flip out the handle and turn it in a clockwise direction for power. Turning the lever for 4 minutes makes for 30 minutes of pleasure. Other than that, the Earth Angel looks and pleasures like any other basic vibe.

Tinge Razor

“Designed to give you the ultimate massage experience as well as provide you with an excellent shaving experience,” this $159 vibe-shaver arrived in a nice gift box. Unfortunately, it involved a lot of wasteful packaging for its power cord, two cartridges, charger base, power adapter and pleasure gel.

Not for those desiring immediate gratification, the product requires being charged overnight. The Tinge does have pleasure potential, especially when it comes to traveling, since the multi-functional vibrator is “disguised as a wet-shaving razor.” By being discrete, the product keeps your secret. Water-resistant, meaning bathtub and shower-friendly, its massage function can keep lovers entertained with 32 different speed and mode combinations. (The massager is disabled when its “Smart Cap” is removed from the razor).

"Amsterdam Lessons"

There are tons of erotica books out there, so why mention this one? Amsterdam Lessons is a personalized romance novel, so the couple reading it can be the “stars” of the book. It is sure to offer a few titillating twists to your average erotica read.

STP (Stamina to Perform)

Cocktails promising to increase desire, arousal and endurance are nothing new. STP is the latest brand promising greater confidence, decreased anxiety, better performance and pleasure, better health and total satisfaction. Claiming to be “The most potent all natural sexual enhancement formula available today!” users are to drink one bottle of this cocktail one hour prior to sexual activity.

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. Lacking research to back their claims, such products, including STP, have not been evaluated by the FDA. Users are warned not to use the product if they are pregnant or nursing. The niacin (vitamin B3) may cause redness and itching on the skin. When consuming, use at your own risk.

So why would anyone down this passion punch-flavored dietary supplement? Whether curious or desperate to invigorate their sexual performance, humans have been known to try anything. With zero calories, sugars or carbs, STP is tempting for those who like its promises, including that it works on demand. The ingredients it relies on, like damiana, L-Arginine, yohimbe and caffeine, have long been considered aphrodisiacs.

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Good Clean Love

Nicely packaged for his and her appeal, Good Clean Love products pride themselves as “sustainable sexual solutions.” Their personal lubricants, pleasure butters, and passion candles are 100 percent natural, vegan ingredients – as in no petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances or parabens. Instead, products are made of real herbs, flowers and essential oils.

Receiving kudos from sex therapists and gynecologists, Good Clean Love products come in a variety of scents, like wild strawberry. The aphrodisiac essences are said to “change your brain chemistry, heighten your natural pheromones and create a sensuous bridge between you and your partner.”

Cocktails ’09 by Food & Wine

Asserting itself as “The Must-Have At-Home Party Resource,” this book may be just that for lovers looking to seduce each other with some quality home entertaining. It’s full of vibrant and colorful pictures, and it offers easy party food and cocktail recipes. It’s not recommended, however, for vegetarians.

Collar Up

Anyone who attempts to make safe sex easier needs to be applauded — and that includes Collar Up. Its aim is to prevent condom slip. Yet as with other safer sex products, this is no easy mission accomplished.

Younger lovers may be reluctant to spend $12.95 on one, even if it’s reusable and long-lasting with proper use and cleaning. Its “ease of use” claim will also be easily countered with the “it interrupts the moment” excuse that non-condom users have been giving for years.

For those willing to give it a go, the Collar Up is used after a condom has been donned. Its stretchable band is pulled around a man’s waist. The ring at each end is to then slide over the condom for a perfect fit. If used properly, the Collar Up promises greater pregnancy and STD prevention. Let’s hope lovers take the time to actually explore this one.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

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