You want to give the perfect holiday gift, something naughty, but nice.

Don’t fret, Santa, because we’ve got plenty of ideas for gifts that’ll keep giving well into the New Year!

Lingerie to invite more lovin’

Nothing can have a gal feeling sexier – or naughtier – than donning the dainty. Wearing the right lingerie transforms her figure and the way she sees and holds herself. Something as simple as wearing a matching bra and panties can totally and completely put her in the mood.

Sexy games for hours of foreplay

Learn about your partner’s desires with the Discover Your Lover Game, SEXsational Sexual Fantasy Game, or A Hot Affair board game. These sexy games will have your lover answering provocative questions and engaging in all sorts of affectionate, passionate, and torrid activities and challenges.

Wanting something a little more ‘get down and dirty’? The Sexy Casino Game comes with everything you need for strip poker Vegas style, including sexual favor betting chips, naughty dice and a sexy spinner.

For the more romantic sort, however, consider the Soul Mate Kit and Tarot de L’Amour tarot cards, both found at certain lingerie boutiques.

Sensual gems that touch and titillate

If the pressure is on when it comes to the thought that counts, you can erotically impress with tucked-away tantalizing treasures found in some sex-oriented boutiques, like erotic art and rare sex books. Other ideas include:scent diffusers or perfume for aromatherapy amour, feather boas for getting tangled up in one another, massage oils specially blended for your love, and designer sex toys and sensual enhancements that add a touch of class

Erotic instigators to keep the action going in 2010

There are tons of items for planting the seed every day of the year. Kinky Sex Scratchers and Love Lotto (for the tamer at heart) will have you cashing in on more sex than you could ever want. These adult lottery tickets invite exciting bedroom adventure, including sexy role plays, steamy positions, French kisses and sex toy spankings.

Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions can seduce your partner even more. These Kama Sutra cards, featuring sexual positions with clear instructions, can be slipped into your partner’s lunch bag, wallet, or purse. Their vivid imagery is worth a thousand words.

Then there’s the You Owe Me T.L.C. Vouchers to further spice things up. These little reminders will help your lover know what you’re in the mood for, whether it’s breakfast in bed or a sensual massage.

No matter what you opt for, eroticize afterplay with the Sex Report Card Magnet Pad. Lovers can evaluate each other on factors like cuddling and dirty-mindedness, keeping in mind that practice makes perfect.

Games that leave your eroticism to random chance

A little bit of mystery is sometimes all that’s needed to heighten your erotic enticement. And it’s easily done with The Sexy Housewives Game or SEX! Card Game, which direct the action with hot commands. Random sex acts cover foreplay, sexual positions and even locations for sex, making for date nights you won’t mind leaving up to chance.

You may feel overwhelmed in having too much to choose from. If faced with this situation, don’t fret. Valentine’s Day is, after all, just a couple of months away.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

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