Coverage of the Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon

Multimedia Archive: Terrorism Hits America

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President Bush's Day of Terror Timeline

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Sunday, Sept. 23, 2001
Taliban Say They Can't Find Bin Laden 
Taliban, Opposition Battles Reported
Bush Lifts Sanctions on India, Pakistan
Putin Consults Central Asia Leaders
Exiled Afghan King to Meet U.N. Rep
Bush OKs $15B Airline Aid Package

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2001
Northwest Cuts 10,000 Jobs; Bush Signs $15 Billion Aid Package
Coming Protests Are Principled to Some, 'Un-American' to Others 
EU Searches for Suspicious Trading 
Putin Talks to Bush for an Hour About Terrorism, Meets Security Chiefs

Friday, Sept. 21, 2001
Bush Addresses Congress, Nation; Introduces Office of Homeland Security
FAA Actively Steps Up Air Marshal Recruitment
Congress Set to OK Aid for Airlines 
Pakistani Protesters Threaten War 
U.S. Forces Storm Toward Persian Gulf
Celebrities Join Telethon Ranks 
Hockey Fans Demand to Watch Bush; Game Stopped, Then Called Off
Military Buildup at Home and Abroad Draws on Citizen Soldiers
Northwest Cuts 10,000 Jobs; Congress Passes Aid Package
Cries of Holy War Heard in Mideast Mosques
News Shows Debate Displaying the Flag
Taliban Move Jailed Aid Workers
Coming Protests Are Principled to Some, 'Un-American' to Others
Terror Manual Is an A-B-C Primer for Attackers

Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001
For Some, New York City Will Never Be the Same

Gingrich: In War, Reasonable Intelligence is Good Enough'
America United: A New Type of War
Allies Build Up Forces in Persian Gulf

Jim Carry Donates $1 Million to Victims
Holbrooke: We Don't Need U.N. Authority
Disney Postpones N.Y. Terrorist Comedy

Bin Laden Goes 'No-Tech' to Thwart U.S. Intelligence Agents
U.S., Britain Devise Secret Plans for 10-Year War

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001

Identifying Victims Could Take Up to a Year
A Ghostly Look Beneath the World Trade Center

Bin Laden's Money Trail Reaches Around the Globe
FBI, Police Seek Evidence in Debris

Diana Ross, Sister Sledge Ready for All-Star Song Tribute 

Building a Coalition Among Muslim Nations No Easy Task
Pentagon Deploys Combat Aircraft as Bush Rallies World Leaders
International Probe on Suspected Bin Laden Financial Trades
Russian Foreign Minister Pledges Cooperation
U.S. Lines Up Nations for Anti-Terrorism Fight
Pakistani Leader: U.S. Does Not Target Islam
Megawati Tells Bush Indonesia Opposes the Terrorist Acts

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2001
Terror Investigation Continues

Struggling Aviation Industry Meets With Transportation Secretary
Publishers' Results Hurt by Attacks

Opposition to Taliban May Unite Iran and U.S.
International Probe on Suspected Bin Laden Stock Trades

Monday, Sept. 17, 2001

New York Goes Back to Work

Declines Anticipated as Markets Race to Reopen
Flag-Waiving Officials Quickly Reverse Themselves Following Complaints
U.S. Tries to Return to Normal But Will Never Be the Same
Environmentalists Zip Criticism of Bush in Wake of Terrorist Attacks
Michael Jackson to Record Benefit Song
Americans Get Back to Work, Vowing to Crush Terrorists
Fed Cuts Rate by 1/2 Point
Wall Street Prepares to Reopen, 6 Days After Terror Attack
Airline, Travel Stocks Take a Shellacking
Humor Muted in Wake of Attacks
The O'Reilly Factor: Talking Points: Turning to God
Americans United as New Week Begins
Neil Cavuto: Washington to the Rescue?

U.S. Will Be Unable to Lead Global Recovery

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001
Polls Show Americans Rallying Behind Bush, War
Fox News Sunday: New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Pakistan to Taliban: Hand Over Bin Laden
Terror Groups Met Twice to Plot New Holy War Against U.S., Israel
An Elusive Warlord's Deadly 'Sleepers' 

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2001
Memorial Candles to Light Up the Skies
Family Center a Ground Zero of Hope and Emotion

Hopes Hinge on Black Boxes Retrieved in Pa., D.C.

New York City to Issue $2.5B in Notes 
Twin Towers Truly a World Trade Center 

Stock Markets to Reopen Monday Amid Hopes of New Fed Cut 
Continental Lays Off 12,000, Cuts Schedule 
Stock Markets Set to Reopen Monday After Successful Tests 
Embattled Airlines to Hold Crisis Talks With White House 

Friday, Sept. 14, 2001
A Sister's Search For a Missing Brother
Grief at Cantor Fitzgerald, Relief at Morgan Stanley
Memorial Candles to Light Up the Skies Friday Night

Developer Urges WTC Be Rebuilt
One Arrested, Others Detained at NY Airports

Airlines Resume Business Amid Gloomy Forecasts
Rally Around the Economy, as Well as the Flag
Text of the Joint Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force
Bush Leads Nation in Day of Remembrance

Taliban Defiance Hits Dollar

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2001


Search Continues for NYC Survivors

Eyewitness to Terror

Bush Speaks With Giuliani, Pataki

Insurers Fret Over Who Pays for Disaster

Airlines Face Staggering Losses
Economists: Attacks Render Friday's Data Moot
Terrorist Attacks May Stun Shoppers
Airline Flights, and Everyday Life, Still on Hold
Bond Trading Resumes; Stocks Remain on Hold
Americans Share a Voice Online
War Talk Continues in Congress
U.S. Treasuries Rise Amid Hopes of New Fed Cut
CBS, NBC Delay Fall Season
Spears Cancels Promotion

Bin Laden Went On Move Immediately After Attacks
Palestinian Officials Quash Pictures of Arab Celebrations
Probe Points to Bin Laden
UN Workers Leave Afghanistan

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001

Suburbs Feel Terrorism Tremor
Key Data Lost in Attack but Seen Regained
Trade Center Tenants Try to Account for Workers

Hollywood Lights Dim After Attack
Budget Fight Wanes Over Social Security
FBI Looks at Bin Laden's Strong Ties to Boston
Financial System Operating Despite Attack
Terrorist Attacks Paralyze United States
FAA Allows Diverted Flights to Resume; All Other Planes Grounded
Probe Points to Possible Usama bin Laden Backers in Boston, Fla.
Recession a Real Possibility

NATO: U.S. Can Demand Military Assistance From Allies
IMF: Limited Economic Impact After Attack
U.N. Workers Leave Afghanistan Following Terror Attack on U.S.
Dollar Barely Traded in Tokyo After Blasts
Tokyo Main Stock Index Falls 6.6 Percent; Wall Street Still Closed

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001
Planes Crash Into World Trade Center, Pentagon
Hijacked Planes Used to Attack New York, Washington
WTC Attack to Cost Insurers Billions

Recession a Real Possibility
Specter of Recession Raised After Terror Assault
Oil Price Surges After Terror Attacks
All U.S. Financial Markets Closed
Dismal Year for Airlines Seems Certain

Arafat Horrified by Attacks, but Thousands of Palestinians Celebrate
World Horrified by News From U.S.
Europe Markets Plunge After Attacks