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Wheeling and Dealing!

Koch Industries snapping up the maker of Brawny Towels and Dixie Cups. It's buying Georgia Pacific for more than $13 billion. Shares of Georgia Pacific soar 37 percent.

And it's not the only deal in town. Host Marriott is taking control of 38 luxury hotels owned by Starwood — that deal's worth $3.3 billion.

Profit Picture

Wal-Mart posts its smallest profit gain in four years as it got walloped by hurricanes and high gas prices.

Profits climbing 4 percent, in line with estimates.

CEO Lee Scott still predicts a "good holiday season." Notice, he didn't say a good "Christmas season" — a controversy we'll get into more later this week.

Shares of Lowe's jumped 5 percent. Its business was up as people repair their homes after all those hurricanes. Lowe's seeing its earning jump 26 percent as a result.

Drive Time

Ford says it's not sure if it will match General Motors' "red tag" sale. Ford saying it's so "convoluted" it will take time to "decode."

GM says there's nothing confusing about. A spokesperson says the red tags will simply advertise GM's bottom-line price for consumers.

General Motors is offering the incentives in a bid to drive up sales.

Contraceptive Battle

And the Government Accountability Office is looking into the FDA's review of the so-called "Morning After" pill.

Barr Labs wants to sell its "Plan B" contraceptive without a prescription. Congressional investigators want to know why high-level FDA officials seem more concerned with this review than similar applications. They say it's "unusual."