Fox News caught up with Mark Wahlberg, star of Planet of the Apes, at the film's premiere in New York.

Wahlberg, known for his roles in Boogie Nights and Three Kings, said he didn't even know anything about his role when he agreed to make the film for director Tim Burton.

Wahlberg: [Burton] is one of the few guys I would do anything for. [He's] that interesting and that talented, and so I said, 'I'll do whatever you want me to do.'

Fox News: But after your first meeting with him you still didn't know what role you were going to play?

W: I left there thinking, well god, I don't want to be an ape. And then he called me and said he wanted me for the astronaut role and then I was like, wait, ya know, Charlton Heston wore a loincloth the entire time and was barefoot. (laughs)

Fox News: You have a thing about bare feet?

W: Well, we were running around and people are stepping on your feet. I've got sensitive feet, man.(laughs)

Fox News: So, the guy who used to model Calvin Klein underwear had a problem with wearing something too revealing?

W: I would have come out in a loincloth and (Charlton Heston) would have been standing there with like George Clooney and a bunch of my friends taking pictures.

Fox News: And you know the poster would have been you in a Calvin Klein pose in the loincloth.

W: Yeah, yeah.

Fox News: The loincloth by Calvin Klein.

W: They'd be selling them right now. We're doing a launch after the premiere ... the launch of the new loincloth underwear.