'FOX News Sunday' Mailbag

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Some of the topics we've brought up on recent shows have struck a nerve with our viewers — and you've let us know about it!

A sample of your responses as we dip into the "FOX News Sunday" mailbag:

From Sunday, Sept. 12

Nice homework on Dick Gephardt, Chris. Your questions had him sweating like Dick Nixon. Great visual that spoke volumes.
Bob Y.

Chris, you let the Democrats get away with blaming President Bush for the Medicare increase. The premiums are determined by a specific formula. No president is to blame for this increase in Medicare premiums.
Fredrick O.

From Sunday, Sept. 5

Chris: You asked the panel if Bush was responsible for the Swift boat ads, but neglected to ask if they thought Kerry was responsible for the MoveOn.org ads. Oversight?
Art L.

You have some good Power Players on your program, but you tarnished your record today with that leftist 'bomb thrower' Maureen Dowd. As usual, she spewed out leftist venom which, I believe is why she has been referred to as a cobra.

Dear FNS: I am puzzled about your program director allowing the cameraman taking an angle that would display the ABC logo.   Example, the close up head shot of Bill Kristol.
David B.

From Sunday, Aug. 22

The panel's discussion of Kerry's 'sensitive' war missed a crucial point. Kerry talked about how he would change the conduct of the war. When the White House gives the military tactical orders -- rather than clearly defined strategic missions to accomplish -- we have a Vietnam.
John C.

When you choose a person to be President you want to choose a person not based on a moment in time years ago, but the sum of how this person has performed in the years leading up to his candidacy. 
I want John Kerry to tell me how he has consistently voted on important issues in his many years in the Senate. None of his ads do this.
Nancy S.

I always enjoy a program where the word 'balderdash' is used with force and conviction.
Dan W.

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