Fox News Medical Contributor Attacked by Murder Suspect

Former TV show host and best-selling author, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, said he was attacked by murder suspect Keith Luke, who has a swastika carved into his head, when he was evaluating him at a Massachusetts correctional facility, WFXT reported Friday.

Ablow is also a Fox News contributor.

Ablow said Luke jumped on a desk and kicked him in the head after the guards left them alone in an evaluation room at at the Plymouth House of Corrections, south of Boston, on Thursday morning. Guards then rushed in to subdue and shackle Luke.

"He was only one or two seconds into the room before he rushed me," Ablow told WFXT.

"He was able to kick me in the side of the head and tried to get on top of me. When I saw him coming at me, and looked at his eyes, he was just intent on doing what he was going to do."

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Luke, 23, was last seen in court with a swastika carved into his forehead, grinning at the familes of his alleged victims. He is being held in Plymouth as he awaits his upcoming murder trial.

Luke is accused of rape and double murder in an alleged plot to kill non-whites in January 2009. His alleged victims were all of Cape Verdean descent.