9:02 a.m., April 19, 1995.

A blast rips through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168, sending shock waves throughout the country.

Now, convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh, 33, is facing the fallout. He is set to die by injection the morning of June 11 at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind.

Live Fox News Channel Coverage: 
Monday, June 11 beginning at 6 a.m. ET

Stay with Fox News Channel as we bring you live coverage of McVeigh’s execution.

In a Fox News Channel exclusive Shepard Smith has been selected to be an eyewitness to the execution and will give us insight into McVeigh's last moments.

Host John Gibson will be broadcasting from the ground in Terre Haute, covering all of the angles surrounding the worst terrorist act committed on American soil.

Correspondents Carol McKinley, Bret Baier and senior correspondent Rita Cosby will also be on the scene in Terre Haute with live reports.

Correspondents Trace Gallagher and Mike Tobin will bring you updates from Oklahoma City with reactions from victims.

Will McVeigh's execution bring closure to this dark chapter in U.S. history? What's likely to happen to Terry Nichols? Were there others involved in the planning and execution of the bombing, as some have suggested? What's really in the documents the FBI only recently made available?

We'll ask these questions ... and review the events of that tragic Spring day, the trial that followed, the effect it has had on the country.

Fox News brings you the most powerful coverage ... the life and death of Timothy McVeigh.