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A lot of people are mad at me and us here at the FOX News Channel for what the FOX Broadcasting Company is doing with this O.J. Simpson interview. By the way, FOX is many networks, all separate entities from this one.

Are you mad at me because of some insulting thing that Homer Simpson says?

If you do not like who wins on our football coverage or in the World Series, do you blame the FOX News Channel?

And does anybody seriously think that me and Kiefer Sutherland hang around upstairs until show time, and I go my way to do this news show and he takes another elevator to go do his action adventure show?

FOX put out "Borat," too. Think me and Borat were b.s.ing about McCain and Mitt Romney right before air?

And what about "American Idol"? Your favorite didn't win. Is that my fault?

And News Corporation owns a whole bunch of media operations. Most of which I don't even know, much less have any influence over.

If the O.J. interview were on CBS, I'd have the same attitude.

But here's the real deal on O.J. There are consequences to losing. They are long lasting and they are profound. When I was covering the O.J. trial and the jury said the words not guilty, I knew this day was coming, and I might have said so at the time.

It was obvious to me and anybody who thinks about it that when the county of Los Angeles lost the case, when O.J. was found not guilty, he was free to immediately proclaim his guilt, explain why he did it, and try to sell the story for whatever he could. That was one of the consequences of losing.

It's one of the really bad things about losing a murder case. The murderer gets to rub your nose in it.

Look, don't watch if you find this objectionable. I probably won't, but I already know what he'd say if he told the truth. We all know what happened. We've just been waiting to hear him say it.

That's My Word.

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