Saturday, July 21
11pm, 2am ET
Sunday, July 22 at 1am ET

Sex these days is much more than a way to feel good.  Today, sex is also big business. Hosted by Fox News Anchor Laurie Dhue, Flesh Incorporated offers an intimate look at the business of selling sex.

Make no mistake, the sex business will never be business in the usual sense but today the industry is worth 10 to 14 billion dollars. That's more money than all the dough that's spent on professional baseball, basketball and football combined.--It's more by millions than all the professional arts combined. Like it or not, the sex business plays a significant role in the American economy.

Just what do we mean when we say the "sex business?" We mean adult films, interactive DVDs, pay-per-view movies on cable, sex toys, adult magazines, internet sites, workshops and phone sex.

We'll give you an intimate look at this business when we introduce you to one of the giants in the adult film industry, Vivid Video. Then...we'll also take you to a photo shoot for the sex magazine Gallery, explain the popularity of sex toys, show you the latest in interactive sex DVDs and even take you to VIP--a "gentleman's club."