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Question for July 11: Are you satisfied there's no 9/11 smoking gun?

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The various inquiries into information leading up to Sept. 11 are entirely political. Many would love nothing more than to be able to pin it on thier political rivals.

Bradford (Cleveland, OH)

Whether it's in a chatroom or out in public, I cannot believe the number of liberals who try and blame the Bush administration for the attacks that occurred on 9/11 simply due to the vague threats they received prior. With the multitudes of threats our government receives each day there is no way to know which are serious and which are simply threats. Any information the U S Government received prior to 9/11 on possible attacks against the United States was so lacking in detail that there was no way to know where or how the attacks would occurred. The only persons to blame for the attacks that happened on Sept. 11, 2001 are the Al Qaeda and their supporters.

Sean C.

If there is a smoking gun, it will be found in the conflicting, contradictory accounts of the plane crash into the Pentagon. Too much of what's been said and written about the event seem to indicate there was no commercial airliner wreckage found in the building, and eyewitnesses report seeing only a small, private-type aircraft, which other sources claim was remote-controlled and loaded w/ explosives. In addition, investigation of the plane crash on Long Island, a week or so after 9/11, seems to have been have been handled in a very secretive and suspicious manner, and I don't think the government has been truthful in reporting the facts to the public.

Kerry W. (Kapaa, HI)

I think that the government was aware about something potentially happening, but I don’t feel they had enough information to prevent what happened.

Rob T. (Becker, MN)