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Question for July 29: Your message to the miners?

I am so glad that the miners are out alive! Praise God! My dad is a Coal Miner…I find it odd that with all of our advancements in technology that it would take so long to get the 9 Miners out.

Jennifer W. (Champaign, IL)

I hope that it never happens again. But no matter what you do, if an accident is going to happen, it is going to happen. While they can do the best that they can to try to prevent this from happening again, no matter what they do there are no guarantees. I get so tired of hearing this "making sure that it never happens again." While I don't want to see it happen again either, all they can do is their best. I am just so grateful that they all got out alive.

Linda C.

I am so thankful that all nine of the miners were alive and well. It is great to hear all about them and their abilities to stay alive, but I would also like to hear about the guys that were doing the drilling and work above ground so that these men could be rescued. If not for them these men wouldn't be here today. They are heroes also.

Harriette M.