Fox Feedback: What's your message for the sniper?

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Question for October 21:  What's your message for the sniper?

A man was shot and wounded in the Aspen Hill area of Montgomery County, Md., Tuesday morning, local emergency officials have confirmed.

The victim suffered a chest wound and was being airlifted via helicopter to a local trauma center, Montgomery County Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer said. He was said to be in critical condition, said a hospital spokesman.

Capt. Nancy Demme of the Montgomery County police told reporters that the man was about 40 years old and was shot while standing on the top steps of a Ride-On commuter bus that had stopped on a layover to fill out some paperwork. Later reports confirmed that he was the bus's driver.

Here are some of your comments:

Watching your broadcast at approximately 12:50 p.m. where you showed footage of the Voyager Van, and was wondering why anyone hadn't commented on the small Mexican National flag displayed on the lower left-hand corner of the rear windshield?

W. Maxwell

I hear repeatedly that the sniper is probably not a Muslim terrorist because they would want the notoriety for their terror. I also saw messages on the TV screen that Al Qaeda is in the execution phase. What terror is now being executed? I therefore believe the sniper is a Muslim terrorist.

Ann F.

My idea of the sniper is that while it appears that all the commotion concerning the matter is confined in crowds of people, I feel that somehow this maniac is hiding somewhere in a deep wooded area. Maybe more searches should be done in these areas.

Frances C. (Thomasville, GA)

Serial killers tend to make sure their victims die. The sniper appears to be only taking one shot when he/she arguably has the time to take a second or third to make sure the target is dead. This suggests that death is not the overall objective of the sniper. If the motivation is of a terrorist nature, then the incitement of fear may be the objective and this is clearly achieved simply by the shooting regardless of whether or not the victim dies.

Marcus S.