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Question for August 9: The "Barbie Drug": Would You Take It? 

It’s not approved by the FDA but the tanning drug, Melanotan, claims to have many positive side effects such as improving your love life and weight loss. It’s been nicknamed the "Barbie Drug." Would you take it?

Read your emails:

Let's see. You lose weight, get a tan and, increase your sexual desire. A better question would be, who wouldn't take it?

Tom L.

I would take it in a heartbeat. Let's see what are the bad effects... Oh Yeah, a tan.

Gary A.

Barbie Drug? Just the name itself suggests that everyone wants to be a Barbie. Give me a break! I'm happy the way I am. My libido is fine and when I want to use pounds I'll exercise, and if I need a tan I have very safe lotion! People need to get real. Why are we so vain?

Stephanie B.

As soon as it gets FDA approval, I'm at my doctor's office and then to the pharmacy! Who wouldn't want to be thinner and tanned with an increased libido?

Cindy D.