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Question for September 13: Sound off on the terror tipster...Outstanding citizen?

Officials blew up a suspicious package and detained three men along Florida's Alligator Alley Friday morning after an all-night search for two vehicles thought to be involved in possible terrorist activity.

Police in Florida and Georgia had been searching for the vehicles after an alert restaurant customer in Calhoun, Ga., notified them that she had overheard three men of possibly Middle Eastern descent joking about the Sept. 11 attacks and discussing what could be a terrorist plot.

Here are some of your emails:

I think she did the right thing. We as Americans have to stick together. I do know that there is a big Medical Convention in Miami this week. A friend of mine, his wife, is attending this convention.

Crystal (River Fl)

I think what the woman in Florida did was very admirable. If I had heard some of the things these men had said and didn't do anything about it, I could never forgive myself if some kind of attack did occur. I think what concerns me most about this story is that we have naturalized citizens here celebrating September 11th. I have always thought (before this last year) that most people who go through all the legal means to become citizens here are doing so because they love and respect the United States and feel privileged to reside here.

Patti K. (Ridgecrest, CA)

I'm in LasVegas, and my concern about this subject is, if these three men minding there own business, laughing and joking, having a good time, and some nosey decides to call the authorities and have them detained for no good reason. And the world wants to pat her on the back. If these men had been white nothing would have been said no matter what had been said. We the black race have faced this through out the time we've been in this country. I understand our security concerns, but lets not pin a medal on Stone yet


How could anyone prosecute Ms Stone for doing what I hope any red-blooded American would do regardless of race. This is a time of terror and war and we as Americans have to be the government’s eyes and ears. Ms Stone could have saved many lives with her act of courage at the very least she sent a message to all terrorist that we will protect our country whether we are military or civilian. Thank you Ms Stone because of you a father might be able to go home and hug his child tonight.