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Question for December 19:  Should traitors be executed?

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Here are some of your comments:

Execution of traitors is the answer. They use us then abuse us.

Pat M. (Michigan)

It is apparent by recent events that those who turn against fellow Americans regardless of their heritage, become as heinous as the Sept 11th criminals are and therefore should not be afforded due process as the many innocent lives lost were not given. Muslim extremists started this, not law-abiding citizens of any country. Islam was hijacked by their own people and we do not hear the most important Islamic leaders denouncing these terrible crimes against humanity. Those that decide to join these animals should be put down as a rabid animal in that they become one themselves and no longer are part of the human race. Execute them no matter where they come from. Let our brothers and sisters who died at the hands of these extremists get the justice they and their families so deserve. God Bless America and pray for the World.

Rick S. (Jacksonville, FL)

Traitors should definitely be executed! They flourish in this country and then betray it! If they don't want to leave, then they should pay for their crimes!

Margo C. (Coral Springs, FL)

As a Vietnam Veteran, I strongly support the execution of traitors. I saw many brave young Americans make the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. Their honor and sacrifice should never be tarnished by this Nations unwillingness to prosecute convicted traitors to the maximum punishment provided by law.

Chuck M. (Pulaski,VA)

Our enemies take total advantage of us, and believe we are weak for our freedoms. It is time we show them our anger and our resolve. We need to start doing the same thing they do to us. Some may say we are then no better then they are. But if we give them a military trial (without getting civilian lawyers who care only about getting paid), and then execute them, we have not violated the constitution.

Jim B. (Chicago IL)