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Question for August 5: Should Congress sign off on the plan to attack Iraq, or should our President forge ahead anyway?

President Bush could go on his own. However, this would defeat the purpose of our three-part system of government checks and balances. This could lead to him being able to do anything at any time without permission. It only takes a few of these decisions until it is declared the normal thing to do. I am against this.

Charlotte W. (Tehachapi, CA)

The President has full responsibility for our national security and must do what he has to. If Congress wishes to debate it, where have they been? I'm very concerned about leaks from Congress, which could jeopardize plans the President may have and limit his options.

Hal H.

Of course, Congress should declare war - this is in the Constitution. No President should be permitted the power to engage our military arbitrarily anywhere in the world he has a mind to send them! What folly! Incidentally, I believe that an attack on Iraq is futile, if our goal is to achieve peace in the Middle East and reduce terrorism. I believe it will only increase bubbling animosity and hatred of us which all of the Arab world has anyway, because of our unconditional support of Israeli policies.

Peg Fallon (Rockford, IL)

If Pres. Bush decides to invade Iraq without congressional approval, he would be following in the footsteps of Kennedy (in the Bay of Pigs) and Johnson (in Cambodia) as they forged the mold of the new "imperial presidency" which can wage war at its own disrection by extending executive powers. Although it would be great to just go in and finish the job in Iraq, if the President wants to protect his administration and powers granted to Congress in the constitution, approval by the people first would be best.

Garrett G.