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Question for September 11: Share your thoughts with us about 9/11...

One year to the day the nation changed forever, Americans paused on Wednesday to remember the unforgettable ... and to imagine a world where the unimaginable will never happen again.

Here are some of your emails about 9/11 one year later:

I was one of a few Californians to have been in New York for both attacks. I was sent there in 1993 as a part of my job with the Federal Government and again I had spent most of 2001 in New York due to the trials for the people who bombed the American Embassies Kenya. Over the years I had made friends with several of the NYPD and FDNY. When this happen I lost 12 friends. I arrived back in New York about two weeks after 9/11. I was there for a month helping out. We must never forget. I say build a park at Ground Zero. A Park with a Museum in so that the people who lost there lives we be remembered. A few weeks after I returned from New York I was informed that I had been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch for the Salt Lake Games. I did in the name of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Thomas G.

I've kept it Fox all day because you will provide us with the coverage we need with the attitude the country needs. I was particularly touched with your small window view you gave us of our president and sweet Laura spending personal time with the survivors in PA...that was important. They are filled with goodness and it aids us to see that goodness at this time. 
A special hurrah to Geraldo for his one-year later "The good guys are winning" report. Superb! We can use more like that focusing on our president's swift and sure action and our fantastic military men and women doing our fighting for us and keeping us safe and reporting of the damage to our enemy.

Shirley K. (Midland, TX)

My wife and I live in England and are regular watchers of Fox news via sky. We love your programs, and the news coverage that you broadcast. We would like to say what a wonderful job you guys are all doing, and that our thoughts are with you all through this sad time. United Kingdom and the United States of America make a good strong team, and together shoulder to shoulder we will win against terrorism!

Lee S.

I don't believe that anyone has forgotten 9/11 and, yet, they still oppose us going after Saddam who is known to be violently against the United States and has weapons he wouldn't hesitate to use. I do not understand this viewpoint. Do they want another 9/11 before we attack him? We already have enough cause because he has broken so many of the rules of the treaty after the Gulf War.

Catherine V. (Louisville, KY)

Each time I see the footage of the horrific acts of cowardliness done by those animal terrorists, my anger is as great today as it was when I watched your live coverage one year ago. I know that the Souls of the Lost are watching over their loved ones and are with them always. I fly Our Flag with immense Pride and Love as well as demonstrating Defiance towards the filth that caused our Nation such pain and anguish. Our Resolve is set. Our Goals are known by our People. Our Support for Our Warriors must be, and is, no less than 100% for the War on Terror. I hope that the other Nations of the World, that wish to exist in Peace and Harmony with one another, realize the correct path to follow in regards to eliminating this Blight of terror from the Planet. History is a very fine tool when looked at closely.

D. W. Pratt