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Question for September 5: Justin Vs. Kelly: You Be The Judge!

The U.S. has its new American Idol, and her name is Kelly Clarkson.

The 20-year-old cocktail waitress from Texas got what she asked for when she crooned her signature song, Aretha Franklin's "Respect" -- and now she has it in spades. Some 15 million viewers phoned in and made her the winner of the hit summer TV series Wednesday.

Even quick-quipping Simon Cowell, the British judge with a penchant for the withering insult, wiped away a tear at the result.

Clarkson earns a recording contract, and will release a CD single later this month and a full album in November.

That left Justin Guarini, 23, the big-haired crooner from outside Philadelphia, in second place. Both had made their final bids for stardom on Tuesday by singing a trio of songs apiece.

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