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Question for August 19: Is the photo of the Iraq death factories proof enough for the U.S. to attack?

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The Iraq death factories should be the 'smoking gun' for the world to see that we need to stop Saddam in his tracks. Respectfully speaking "Let's Roll".

Dave G.

The answer to your question today is an emphatic "No". We should not start wars. We may have to fight to end a war started by an enemy, but we should not be the initiators of a war, particularly one based on conjecture and surmise. I fought in a war and do not want to see another war where Americans will be killed and maimed.

Andrew H.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" or in this case thousands of lives. By all means, please wait till millions of innocent people are killed. He's done it before so we know he'll do it again. So, lets just wait till he wipes out a whole town of innocent people so that everyone else in the world will understand the justification of terminating an evil man.

Karen L.

It is always less expensive in lives and money to alleviate a major problem in the early stages then waiting for it to develop. I think we have enough evidence of a major problem with Iraq.
Vic G.