Fox Feedback Is Elvis still the King?

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Question for August 16: Is Elvis still the King?

Elvis will always be the "King". I grew up with his music, and I was never a Beatles fan. The night my husband proposed to me 36 years ago, he did with "I can't help falling in love with you", playing in the background. Elvis' music will be here forever.

Janeane Q. (New Braunfels, TX)

The reason Elvis has endured, against all odds and logic, in the hearts of so many people worldwide, is because he was all heart. He was genuinely sweet, honest and kind, in his music and in his life. Those qualities are elusive in celebrities, and transcend time.

Marlene Y. (Baltimore, MD)

Yes, Elvis is still the King! No single entertainer has come close.

John K.

Elvis was the king till Bill O'Reilly came along. He may not be able to sing or dance, but he sure has a big mouth! Go O'Reilly!

Aaron B. (East Stroudsburg, PA)