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Question for August 8: Fiesty Saddam: Can We Take Him? 

The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs to die in disgraceful failure," Saddam Hussein promised his people Thursday as the U.S. and Britain ramped up their war plans against Iraq.

As thousands of rifle-toting, khaki-clad members of the "Jerusalem Army," a civilian militia, marched through the streets of Baghdad to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the end of the Iran-Iraq War, the Iraqi leader addressed his nation via television.

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I don’t think Saddam can do anything. He didn’t do anything 10 years ago, and its obvious his army isn’t any better. He is all show, no go.

Jon P.

I think we can and should take out Saddam quickly. I also worry that he may already have radiological weapons smuggled into the U.S. ready to use them.

David M. (Northridge, CA)

The question isn't can we take him, but will we take him? I know our country can.

Marty B. (Sinton, TX)

I believe Saddam is blowing a lot of hot air. It is my belief when push comes to shove his troops will probably cry like a child when candy is taken away. His troops do not have the desire or the drive to defend him. He will fall quickly after a US invasion.

B. Smith (England)

I think we can take him, but I'm not sure we should. We don't seem to have much international support, even from England, and with the wishy-washy Saudis to deal with as well, this might not be the best time. We should wait until we have a more solid base of support to get the job done.

Brad L. (Flatwoods, KY)