The following is a Dec. 12 statement released by the student groups that share the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center at CCNY, along with a flyer titled “The Facts Are Out, NJ Trooper Lied” with five "proofs" that Assata Shakur is innocent:

We know that many Black people that fought for better conditions in the 70’s were framed. We consider Assata Shakur to be one of the people who were wrongfully and purposefully framed for her activities. And we consider her a hero and role model for standing up for our people and putting her life on the line. We commend City College for asserting our right to have this room and use it to serve the community in Assata and Guillermo’s name.

I will now read 5 proofs that Assata Shakur is innocent, given by Evelyn Williams of the NJ crime labs in Trenton NJ and the FBI crime labs in Washington D.C.:

The Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center was named in 1989 by students that successfully countered a tuition hike. For the last 15 years we’ve been a valuable resource for the college community — From providing lower-cost textbooks to mentoring to printing facilities to running soup kitchens. We run classes and workshops on political education and the history of City College and CUNY and the struggles peoples have fought and won for open admissions. We would like to thank City College for their rational and level-headed response. The college is a space for questioning and explorations of myriad opinions and perspectives.

We would like to close by saying that the American people have a right and a duty to find out the facts about this situation for themselves before they judge it. And Assata, we love you.