FOX Facts: Official Mexican Presidential Election Results

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Official results in Mexico's disputed presidential race. This is the final count by election workers. The results can be appealed to Mexico's federal electoral court.

Felipe Calderon, National Action Party: 14,981,268, or 35.88 percent

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Democratic Revolution: 14,745,262, or 35.31 percent

Roberto Madrazo, Institutional Revolutionary Party: 9,300,081, or 22.27 percent

Patricia Mercado, of the Social-Democratic and Rural Alternative Party: 1,127,963, 2.7 percent.

Roberto Campa, of the New Alliance Party: 401,676, or 0.96 percent.

Write-in candidates: 297,960, or 0.7 percent.

Invalid votes: 903,981

Valid votes: 40,854,210