Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley is remaining in treatment for alcoholism beyond his initial 30-day stay, his attorney said Wednesday.

Foley checked into a 30-day treatment program at the Sierra Tucson center in Catalina, Ariz., near Tucson, on Oct. 1. It was not immediately clear how long Foley would remain there.

"I can't say any information other than he's still there," Foley's civil attorney, Gerald Richman, told The Associated Press.

The Florida Republican resigned from Congress in September after he was confronted with sexually explicit computer messages he had sent to male teenage congressional pages. His attorneys have since said that Foley is gay, suffers from alcohol addiction and was molested by a Catholic priest as a teenage altar boy.

The Rev. Anthony Mercieca, who has retired to the island nation of Malta, has admitted having inappropriate encounters with Foley, including massaging him in the nude and skinny-dipping together. He denies ever having sex with Foley. Church officials are investigating whether Mercieca also had inappropriate contact with others.

Foley's attorneys said the ex-congressman was seeking treatment for "alcoholism and other behavioral problems."

Authorities are investigating whether Foley broke any state or federal laws, and a House ethics committee is currently questioning members of Congress about what they knew regarding Foley's inappropriate contacts.

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