ForO.J. Simpson has once again injected himself into the news, this time in a live 45-minute telephone interview with the Fox News Channel in which he discusses his reaction to a recent magazine article about him and a wide range of other subjects.

ANCHOR: … Joining me to respond to what Simpson said yesterday is former Los Angeles prosecutor, currently seen on the TV show "Power of Attorney" Christopher Darden. Thank you for being with us.

>> My pleasure.

ANCHOR: First of all one of the other things that O.J. Simpson said in this article was that people accuse him of stalking Nicole but in fact it was the other way around, Nicole was stalking him and he gave examples of when she showed up on vacation he was on without her … all of that may have very well been true but does this change anything of this.

>> I doubt that much of that, if any of that, is true …. I mean it is very clear that … she was getting on with her own life, meeting new people and trying to be beyond O.J. Simpson. I don't know where he gets that stuff.

ANCHOR: She had mixed emotions. She broke up with him a few times, swore she would never see him again and then she did, there is a possibility of a grain of truth in some of that.

>> A grain of truth [laughter]

ANCHOR: what do you think of the interview overall.

>> Well, you know, I read it, it was I was not amused by it. I don't know why he keeps running his mouth all of the time, the references to his daughter and mother-in-law as bitches is offensive and you have to wonder what his mind set is when he links his daughter with his dead ex-wife, the woman he murdered, it -- it's troubling. He of course was acquitted of the murder and then found liable in the civil trial in the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. He does seem at this point, frighteningly, to believe at some deep level that this did not happen. That he did not do it, how disturbing is that … Well, I don't believe that at all.

ANCHOR: You don't think there is a psychological element of deep denial?

>> Well, you know, I'm sure that the mind makes adjustments so one can live and exist and I am sure he has done that to an extent but I don't think he knows for a moment he did not kill the two people. He feels justified in doing it.

ANCHOR: He bragged about how popular he is with women now … what do you find in that.

>> He joins a long list of murderers, women are attracted to Manson, Richard Ramirez, the night stalker and other butcherers and murderers … what does it say about women and us as a society, it does not speak well.

ANCHOR: Yeah what about that, also his lawyer was saying that he is so popular at this point he does not rule out the possibility that O.J. Simpson could start doing commercials and endorse again down the road, O.J. Said to Shepard Smith yesterday, I did not say that, my lawyer said that, and I am not sure I want to do commercials again but the lawyer would suggest he could sell products. What about this?

>> What will he do? Advertise butcher knives on the home shopping network, would you buy something because O.J. said to buy it? …You know the guy is living in fantasy land it's over, that part of his life is over and if he had a grain of sense at all he will shut up go on be a dad to his children and try to get on with his life.

ANCHOR: Being a dad to his children… there are people coming out and defending him talking about the good father he is. Yesterday we had Gloria Allred on who said you are not a good father if you kill your children's mother. How do you react to the father he has been.

>> I have to agree with Gloria Allred in the first instance but I hope he is being a good parent and doing the best and right things for his children. I hope that Gloria is wrong.

ANCHOR:O.J. Simpson recently came out with advice to Robert Blake, someone else in hot water these days, and yesterday commenting on several different criminal trials, what do you think of all that, the fact he is injecting himself into the other criminal cases.

>> Well, you know who knows more about being guilty and getting way with it than O.J., Not to suggest that Robert Blake is guilty, I don't know that but you know he always loved the media and the attention, and apparently he is going to continue to inject himself in public issues and public trials. So long as it means someone will stick a camera in his face and news anchors on Fox will take his phone calls.

ANCHOR: How does it make you feel personally having been involved in his criminal trial to see him on the golf course yucking it up with friends and bragging about women he gets et cetera and living it up as a free man should.

>> I don't think he is living free at all, I think there is a price to pay, and he is paying it… He will pay the rest later. It does not bother me he is out there at this point, he is not the man he used to be and to whatever extent we can damage him and harm him and make him suffer and pay for his crimes, we have.

ANCHOR: And do you look back at all on the trial and say if only certain things were done differently… anything like that second guessing?

>> Well, any lawyer, every lawyer second guesses himself when you don't win or when things do not go the way they should have gone, so I have done that already. I think I am a better lawyer than I was in 1995 and have learned from it.

ANCHOR: Thank you for joining us, best of luck to you.

>> Thank you

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