Former Israeli Cardiologist to Release Pork Cookbook

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A retired Jewish cardiologist is set to make history - and generate a bit of controversy - with Israel's first ever cookbook devoted to pork.

While that may not sound interesting to those outside the region - bear in mind the animal's meat is forbidden to religious Jews and Muslims.

More than that, it is also taboo in broader Israeli society.

The majority of Israelis may be secular, but pork is rarely mentioned in the Israeli media, and almost never shown on television.

It is legal to eat it, bit in restaurants where it is available it is always referred to in code - as "white meat."

Whatever the sensitivities surrounding pork, Eli Landau is undaunted.

He is launching "The White Book for the New Year."

Needless to say, he is paying for its publication himself, unable to find an Israeli publisher willing to take it on.

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