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GLENN BECK, HOST: Phil Kerpen is here. He is the director of policy at Americans for Prosperity.

Phil, how are you? Good to see you.


BECK: I wanted to bring you here because I want to show you what's on the other side of the board and I need you to help draw this together, because I think this is stunning.

We have Van Jones. We tied him yesterday — tied him together with — right directly to Obama and right directly to the Apollo Alliance.

Here's Jeff Jones. Put the picture of Jeff Jones up again, please.

Jeff Jones is an interesting character. Jeff Jones is the founder of the Weather Underground, right?

KERPEN: That's correct.

BECK: What else has he done?

KERPEN: Well, Jeff has been involved not just in those terrorist activities with the Weather Underground. He was actually part of the Weather-buro modeled on the politburo which was the high leadership where he was with Bill Ayers.

But Jones was on the run, hiding from the law for about a decade before he was finally caught in a dramatic raid where his 4-year-old saw him arrested in 1981.

He then became an adviser to environmental groups, to labor organizations and to the New York state government where he sits on a commission for Governor Paterson.

BECK: OK, hold on this just a second.

You hear this, what he did? Labor groups, think SEIU and all the unions, oh, and by the way, does anybody — did anyone notice that the head of the Fed here in New York is now the former head of the AFL-CIO? Hmm, that shouldn't be any problem. Here in New York, corruption with finances, New York and the unions? No, that's crazy.

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OK, so, labor unions and environmental projects. Van Jones, green jobs "czar." OK?

Then, what did he do?

KERPEN: Well, he's on a panel that we don't know much about, a commission that Governor Paterson put him on, called the Energy and Environment Transition Commission. I haven't been able to get any information about that.

But one of the important things that I really found notable is that he's an adviser to something called the Workforce Development Institute here in New York, which is advising state and local governments and universities on how to write their grants to get stimulus funds from the stimulus bill that he and his friends at Apollo wrote.

BECK: OK, hold on just a second.

OK. So, the co-founder of the Weather Underground is working for the governor of New York. Wow. And he's writing how to get money from the stimulus bill, written by the Apollo Alliance, which he is the head of here in New York.

KERPEN: That's right. And he's also an adviser, a consultant for the national Apollo Alliance as well.

BECK: OK. Good. So then we have Jeff Jones and Bill Ayers. We have Rashid Khalidi, who is — who is a radical in his own right — tied directly to Barack Obama.

The Movement for a Democratic Society, what is that?

KERPEN: That is a reconstituted version of the old Students for a Democratic Society, which was the parent organization of the Weather Underground. These were the 1960s radicals who wanted a revolution to overthrow the country.

BECK: Communists.

KERPEN: They reconstituted it now.

BECK: But here's the thing, America: Communist movement, a Movement for a Democratic Society, communist movement.

What year was it founded?

KERPEN: It was just recently founded in 2006.

BECK: 2006?

This is — and correct me if I'm wrong — this is what I see. We have Carl Davidson, progressive for — they're all connected. Carl Davidson is connected to the New Party, which is connected to the Movement for Democratic Society, to progressives, to Van Jones, to Jeff Jones — it's all connected. These people down here are radicals. There is no way — they may have been — they may have been adding businesspeople and everybody else, but they're basically radicals.

KERPEN: They are — they are, Glenn. And actually, the most frightening part about this is that these guys are not for the most part the public face in everything they are trying to do.

They've got the mainstream guys. Carl Pope, the president of the Sierra Club is on the board of the Apollo Alliance. They've got — they've got Leo Gerard from the International Steelworkers Union on the board of the Apollo Alliance. John Podesta, from the American for Center Progress — all of the mainstream elements of the Obama administration and the liberal and progressive movement are tied in with these people.

BECK: Tied in — great.

Here's what's happening, America. The radicals are all down here. They start to filter up and they come to places like the Apollo Alliance and they filter up, and they're scrubbed clean, so they don't look like radicals anymore — but they're all tied here.

The question you have to ask: Obama never said that he was — he claimed that he was a Marxist, he listens to Marxist professors, he was a radical, blah, blah, blah, but he was very young. In his own book, he talks about seeking out those Marxist professors.

When was his change? When did he ever stand up and say: "I reject Marxist" — he'll laugh about it — "I reject Marxist principles, I reject these people — Marxists — I reject them"?

He hasn't. Should we ask him for that?

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