The former CEO of a slaughterhouse raided by immigration authorities earlier this year was arrested Friday on new charges accusing him of bank fraud.

Prosecutors allege that Sholom Rubashkin allegedly diverted millions of dollars in customer payments to the wrong Agriprocessors bank account, allowing the company to borrow additional funds without proper collateral.

A telephone call left for Rubashkin's attorney, F. Montgomery Brown, wasn't immediately returned Friday.

Rubashkin, former chief executive officer of Agriprocessors, was arrested at his home in Postville, U.S. attorney's office spokesman Bob Teig said. He faces a federal court hearing in Cedar Rapids later Friday.

It was Rubashkin's second arrest in less than a month. He was arrested Oct. 30 on allegations that he helped illegal immigrants get fake documents.

Agriprocessors was the site of a May 12 immigration raid in which 389 people were arrested. In the ensuing months, the company has faced state and federal allegations that it violated child labor laws and broke safety rules.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection last week.

Experts said Agriprocessors provided about 60 percent of the nation's supply of kosher meat, with most of that coming from the Postville plant. The company also operates a plant near Gordon, Neb.