What a week on "FOX & Friends." In many ways it felt like a format flashback. Why? Because all week there was big news but not tragic news. Anytime a solider dies, it's tragic. But there weren't any mind-numbing catastrophes like an earthquake in Pakistan, hurricane in Florida, Louisiana or Texas and not even a World Series to cover. So maybe that's why we seem to have had so much fun.

Hard-hitting topics like man bags, Babbo cleaner (search), E.D.'s hairstyle, parakeet suicide and Steve's fighting prowess all were a central part of the show this week and I got the sense you enjoyed the break.

Friday's newsiest (is that a word?) topic had to be the TSA's idea of welcoming back scissors and knives to airplane travel. Sounds stupid, right? Well, it looks like this new "old policy" could be coming to a 747 near you. Good luck to all.

Ready to stir more bile in your tummy? Well what about The New York Times portraying a Marine's final thoughts before his death as anti-war when he was really a true believer in the mission and felt honored to give his life so others could be free. We spoke to Cpl. Starr's mom and she straightened out the story of her heroic son.

Special thanks to Paul Anka (search) for committing to take Steve, E.D. and I out to lunch when he gets back from his European tour in the winter. He also promises to help us write a second verse for our new song. How cool is that!

Of course it was a special thrill on Tuesday as our own Tiki Barber (search) fresh off a 200 yard rushing game co-hosted "FOX & Friends First." This week he also signed a contract to join the network as a contributor. Don't be surprised if he is Greta's primary fill-in.

Kiran and Alisyn were their normal stellar selves. I'm kind of concerned that Alisyn's husband travels so much, but she seems ok with it so who am I to question.

Congrats to E.D. on her new book "Going Places." And thank you for supporting "The Games Do Count" one year later, now out in paperback. If you'd like a personalized copy go to briankilmeade.com.


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