Formal State Criminal Charges Filed in Missing Florida Toddler Case, DNA Tests Complete

The Florida State's Attorney office filed formal criminal charges Tuesday against the mother of missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony.

Casey Marie Anthony, 22, was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor offense, in addition to the child neglect charge she already faced. She will be arraigned on the criminal charges.

Also Tuesday, test results from DNA samples taken from a car driven by Anthony came in and were turned over to investigators.

The evidence was gathered from the trunk of a vehicle that Anthony was using when her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony vanished in mid-June.

Other DNA samples were taken from the backyard of Anthony's parents' house, where she lived with her little daughter until about the time the girl disappeared. It took Casey Anthony more than a month to report the child missing, which she did on July 15. Caylee was last seen on or around June 15.

Detectives reported smelling a strong odor of human decomposition in the car trunk after cadaver dogs led them there. They said they also found hair samples similar to those of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Casey's mother Cindy Anthony, the child's grandmother, said the trunk in question smelled like a dead body when she called 911 to report her granddaughter missing. She also asked emergency dispatchers that her daughter be taken into custody.

Authorities from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were analyzing the DNA results, but the media was told Monday that they won't necessarily be guaranteed immediate access to the data.

Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman Carlos Padilla said police will decide what results to release and when.

Cindy Anthony had planned an early afternoon visit Tuesday with her daughter in prison, but it was canceled — she said out of concern for safety of her granddaughter.

"I feel that it is safer for my granddaughter that I don’t go," Cindy Anthony told reporters Tuesday. "It is a taped interview. ... It is very hard not to see my daughter."

At one point, she lashed out at reporters, saying she tended to be too trusting and she had been "burned by all of you." Her husband and Casey's father George Anthony visited his daughter on Sunday.

Casey Anthony remains jailed on a $500,000 bond, charged only with child neglect, false statements to police and obstructing an investigation. She is considered a person of interest in the case. She claims that Caylee was taken by a babysitter, who also vanished.

Anthony's brother, Lee, told FOX News on Tuesday that the Anthonys were deliberately withholding the name of Caylee's deceased dad, since he and his family were never told he had fathered the little girl.

"We will never release the name of that person or his family out of respect for that family," Lee Anthony said. "The family was never aware that he was the father."

He also denied reports that he and his sister had been talking in code during jailhouse phone calls.

"We don't have code names or anything like that," Lee Anthony said. "We have no reason to … that sounds like someone playing games and we’re not doing that.”

Caylee's mom has promised that her little girl would be home by her third birthday on Aug. 9.

Police say that little Casey Anthony has told them has proven to be true. Her friends have described her as a "habitual liar."

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