Our sovereignty is being sold to the highest bidder — and it ain't you, Jack!

Virtually every problem we have can be fixed locally. Your neighbor lost their job? Help them. Care for them. Support them. Yet, instead of looking to the local community for help, we're being forced to rely on the international one.

This is all playing out at the G20 summit in London, where the international banking community is trying to fix the very problems they created.

By the way, I just saw a question from the new FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll: How much of problem for the country today are: greedy corporate executives and power hungry politicians? A major problem — according to 69 percent and 73 percent, respectively.

Good news is there's hope in that, but that bad news is both of them are working to solve the problems they created.

Here at home we have a system that is so distorted that it allows 80-90 percent of incumbents to be reelected, even in the face of all-time low approval ratings. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle love to say they hate big business, but as long as they can dictate the terms of the relationship, they love it.

And that's what's now happening at the G20. You have global politicians, worldwide businessmen and international bankers all trying to protect and stabilize giant global corporations, like Citigroup, GM or Chrysler, because their money and influence helps them grab even more power in their home countries.

President Obama wasn't even there to defend American capitalism; it was Tim Geithner, who I want to point out was appointed not elected.

Geithner is blaming hedge funds, private equity firms and derivatives markets for not supervising themselves. So now they will all fall under a new framework of federal oversight — which will obviously solve everything. After all, the SEC, Congress and Tim Geithner had tons of power and they prevented investment banks like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns from getting out of control, right?

The stock market — up over 200 points today — sure seems to think this is the right idea. I love it when the uber-rich become even uber-richer, but is anybody talking about the small business owners who are responsible for generating 70 percent of all new jobs created in the last decade?

Oh and one more thing: They decided to borrow or print another trillion dollars of your money and give it to the rest of the world. This selfish trading of temporary gain for long-term suffering reminds me of something that someone very wise once said: "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

(Thank you, Benjamin Franklin)

Do you think the foreign diplomats at the G20 really care or do they just have contempt for the American people?

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Global politicians and global corporations are playing games; they'll get rich by building a box for American entrepreneurs to live in. They may think they can end American sovereignty and start internationalism, but they haven't met the Americans I have, who on tax day will kick out of the box they refuse to be placed in.

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