A football fan's lifelong dream job was cut short when he was fired over a Facebook posting, MyFOXPhilly.com reports.

Dan Leone says he was fired from Lincoln Financial Field after expressing anger over the Philadelphia Eagles' failure to re-sign free agent safety Brian Dawkins in a Facebook post.

Leone has run the front gate at the stadium for five years since working his way up from the guest services gate.

The Facebook post was up for two days, and Leone says he immediately apologized when his boss questioned him about it. However, Leone says his boss thought he no longer represented the team well because he didn't make them look good as a front-line staff member, MyFOXPhilly.com reports.

Leone has a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for him to stand for long lengths of time and sometimes he used a wheelchair at work to get back and forth from the sign-in area to his gate.

"You can ask anybody that worked with me at my gate, like, the pain I was suffering, I would do stretches during the game and take some Tylenol or whatever just to get through the game because that's how much of a fan I am," Leone told MyFOXPhilly.com.

Despite his firing, Leone says he is still an Eagles fan, but would like to talk to the team or have a conversation with someone about his situation.

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